Wednesday, June 6, 2012

have you seen this film? Guess the title?????

Gil pender, a screenwriter from hollywood, and his girlfriend were on vacation in Paris with Inez's wealthy parents. Meanwhile Gil was finishing his novel. He was in love with the city and dreamed of living there after they got married but Inez didn't agree with his idea. One night he was returning to his hotel alone, walking along the streets. When an antique car approached him and the passengers, who were dressed like in the 1920's, invited him to join them. At the same time Inez, who had met her former boyfriend Paul with his girlfriend Carol, were together dancing in a party. Gil sooner realized that his was back in the 20's, were he met famous artists, writers and musicians. It was the belle epoque. in the end, Gil broke up with Inez and decided to remain in Paris.


  1. I saw that film last weekend! I´ve really enjoyed it.

  2. And whats the name of the film, Carolina?