Sunday, June 3, 2012

HACE YOU SEEN THIS FILM? Guess the title!!

After his parents's death, Jacob, a veterinarian, is left penniless and homeless. Eventually, he joined a circus and started working under their unstable boss August and his stunning wife Marlena.
The star horse of the circus, which Marlena worked with, was diagnosed as a lame horse and August named Jacob the circus vet.
August was in debt so he has been throwing employees from the train at nights. To sell tickets, he decided to buy an entertaining elephant and told Jacob to train the animal and Marlena to ride it. They both developed a mutual attraction and when August discovered that, he got really furious...


  1. is Watter for elephants,isn t it? i m sending my warm regards to all of you from Liublianna.LOL, raul.

  2. I don't know, I haven't seen that film but I want to see it, it seems to be interesting.
    Regards from Argentina Raul... We received your postcard. Alicia read it for all last Monday.
    Have a nice time there!! Enjoy it.

  3. Yes!! It's Water for elephants! I really liked this film!!