Monday, June 25, 2012


This was actually a commercial for Apple but it is inspiring. It celebrates 'people who push the human race forward'.
Who do you recognise? and what do you know about them? Why do you think they were included in the video?
Post your contributions.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Architects building dream homes for bats

Architects building dream homes for bats

By Rose Hoare, CNN
June 1, 2012 -- Updated 0223 GMT (1023 HKT)

A brown long-eared bat is one of the species the Bat Conservation Trust is looking to protect by encouraging architects to build new homes with bats in mind. A brown long-eared bat is one of the species the Bat Conservation Trust is looking to protect by encouraging architects to build new homes with bats in mind.
 Architect Charles Barclay designed this English summer house, which doubles as an ideal bat roost
 The common pipistrelle is one of Britain's more common species, but they are only around 4cm in length with a 20 cm wingspan.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guess the film!!!!

Sam Dawson was a man with mentals disabilities who brougt up his daughter Lucy with the help of an extraordinary group of friends.
When Lucy was seven years old, her brainpower was better than his father is and their relationship was theratened by  a social worker who wanted to put lucy up for adoption.
Menaced by the legal situation that he couldn´t reverse, Sam fought against the system and formed an team with Rita Harrison, a lawyer that accepted the case.
The characters of Sam and Rita seemed to be opposite at the beggining but then they had much in common.
They fought togheter to persuade the system that Sam deserved to have his daugther back.
The film highlights the power of unconditional love.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

have you seen this film? Guess the title?????

Gil pender, a screenwriter from hollywood, and his girlfriend were on vacation in Paris with Inez's wealthy parents. Meanwhile Gil was finishing his novel. He was in love with the city and dreamed of living there after they got married but Inez didn't agree with his idea. One night he was returning to his hotel alone, walking along the streets. When an antique car approached him and the passengers, who were dressed like in the 1920's, invited him to join them. At the same time Inez, who had met her former boyfriend Paul with his girlfriend Carol, were together dancing in a party. Gil sooner realized that his was back in the 20's, were he met famous artists, writers and musicians. It was the belle epoque. in the end, Gil broke up with Inez and decided to remain in Paris.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HACE YOU SEEN THIS FILM? Guess the title!!

In the year 180 AD ,the death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius threw the roman empire into chaos.Maximus was one of the roman army´s most expenciered  and trusted generls and the advisorof the emperor.As Marcus´son Commodus ascends the throne,Maximus was set to be executed.He escaped, but was captured by slave traders.He was forced to become a gladiator and to fight with other men for the amusement of the spectators.He became one of the most popular gladiators in the colosseum.Determinated to avenge the murder of his family by Commodus he started to challenge  the emperor´s rules.As the gladiator began to chalenge the emperor,Commodus decided to fight against maximus in a battle to death.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

HACE YOU SEEN THIS FILM? Guess the title!!

After his parents's death, Jacob, a veterinarian, is left penniless and homeless. Eventually, he joined a circus and started working under their unstable boss August and his stunning wife Marlena.
The star horse of the circus, which Marlena worked with, was diagnosed as a lame horse and August named Jacob the circus vet.
August was in debt so he has been throwing employees from the train at nights. To sell tickets, he decided to buy an entertaining elephant and told Jacob to train the animal and Marlena to ride it. They both developed a mutual attraction and when August discovered that, he got really furious...