Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SOLAR POWER: A real alternative for ordinary people

One of the most important disadvantage of the alternative energy sources is that it can not solve the problem of producing energy in big scale with low costs.
May be is time to change our point of view. Why not thinking about alternative energy sources with a different approach, putting the stress in the day to day of the individual human being.
In this podcast from BBC is explained how a plain solar-powered lamp has change the life of a lot of people around the world without pollution. I hope you enjoy it.
Click here to listen or download it:

Note: a "podcast" is a radio program you can download from internet and listen in your computer or mp3.


  1. Solar power it's a great way to avoid pullution, but I think it's only possible here in Argentina tu use ii in small things such as clocks, as it's really expensive to have solar panels in your house.
    Nice post!:)

  2. Thanks for this wonderful podcast. I did enjoy listening to it. How interesting to hear that a technology that is still costly for rich countries is relatively cheap for the poor. I can really imagine how the lives of the people who can use this lamp in Africa or Asia have changed. As the initial cost is still quite high, I think the governments or some international organizations (eg FMI, Bank of the World, etc) should start distributing the lamps among the people who really need them. What do you think?