Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Kat had a common life in New York, working for the customer service department at “Virgin Atlantic Airline” but she got terrified when she was invited to London to her younger half-sister’s wedding. Kat Ellis and Guest Mr and Mrs Victor Ellis request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Amy Ellis to Edward Fletcher – Wooten On Saturday the Eleventh of August at three o´clock St’s Peter’s Parish Church She was in despair when she discovered that the best man at the wedding ceremony would be her ex-fiancé Jeffrey. Kat and Jeffrey had been dating for two years, they were engaged, but inexplicably he dumped her. She was inconsolable and never understood the reason why he had taken that decision. After reading lots newspapers and magazines, she decided to hire a professional male escort. Nick agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend. Her family and friends were all struck by how charming, handsome and out-going Nick was. Kat was wondering if their relationship had to be all business; or if she would have a second chance at love when she discovered a cruel truth. Would she be able to overcome the cruel truth?

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  1. The film is The Wedding Date!! It´s a lovely story!!!