Monday, April 2, 2012


This is a summary of the last two classes.
We began Unit 1. The topic of the first part of this Unit was "Identity".
We did a listening exercise about "What defines who a person is?" in which four friends were talking and giving their different opinions. At the end, they decided the three most important things which defined who a person is were gender, clothes and work.
Also, we did some revision about the phase "You know". It is used to give yourself time to think what to say next, to introduce examples and explanations.
In the speaking part, we had the different titles for a magazine guestionnaire and a list of twelve questions. We had to choice the most suitable title for these questions. It was "What´s your attitude to relationships".
Moreover, we worked with a partner, we had to write ten questions to include in our questionaire using the titles which we were given using "Indirect questions":
- I'd be happy to tell/to answer if
- I wouldn't mind telling/answering
- I wouldn't tell the researcher...
- Would you mind telling me...
- Do you think you could tell me?
- Could I ask you..?
- Could you tell me?
- I wonder if....

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  1. Thank you for setting the ball rolling. See you tomorrow.