Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Newbie at blogging? What's all this  about?
Watch this video and find out.

Now let's get to know each other a little better. Post a comment saying something about yourself. I know we have introduced ourselves in class, but not everybody was present when we did so.
Well, who will set the ball rolling? Hope to hear from you soon.
Just click on  'comments' below, write your entry, post it and start blogging.


  1. Ok. Here´s the first kick... I´m Rafael. I´m forty years old. I´ve been working in the same office for fourteen years. I study english just because I like it... bye.

  2. Thanks for setting the ball rolling Rafael. Hope the others will join in soon.

  3. Hi! I'm Rafaela and I'm eighteen years old. I was born in Spain but I moved to San Nicolás with my family when I was five. Now I'm living in Rosario because I'm studying Social Comunication. I wanted to sit for the CAE exam, but I wasn't sure that I had the time so I decided to start the post first classes. Hope next year I'll be brave enough to study for it!

  4. Hi... I´m married and I have two sons. A cousin of mine and I run a marble shop that belonged to my father. It´s a family business and I like my job very much.
    I´ve been studying English for a long time because I love the language. It´s one of my hobbies and I hope to share with you an enjoyable year.
    Thanks Alice for your time to design this powerful tool to improve our English.