Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HACE YOU SEEN THIS FILM? Guess the title!!

In the year 180 AD ,the death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius threw the roman empire into chaos.Maximus was one of the roman army´s most expenciered  and trusted generls and the advisorof the emperor.As Marcus´son Commodus ascends the throne,Maximus was set to be executed.He escaped, but was captured by slave traders.He was forced to become a gladiator and to fight with other men for the amusement of the spectators.He became one of the most popular gladiators in the colosseum.Determinated to avenge the murder of his family by Commodus he started to challenge  the emperor´s rules.As the gladiator began to chalenge the emperor,Commodus decided to fight against maximus in a battle to death.

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  1. It´s Gradiator, isn't it?
    An incredible historical epic film.